Employability Skills – Resume

Composing and presenting a resume is essential when applying for an opportunity to work at a desired workplace. It is the first thing an employer will look at when acquiring a potential employee. That is why it is essential to present yourself in the most professional way possible. An employer looks at 3 key elements in your resume. They will look at how professional your resume appears, the knowledge and skills you have acquired from previous jobs, and also the learning you have gained through employment and volunteer experience.

In this modern age there are many resume programs all over the Internet and even through programs you can download or are already a feature on your personal computer. From resume building websites to Microsoft Word providing resume templates. You also have the option to hire someone to help you with your resume and if you can’t afford that, you can go to the resume building office located at Mohawk College. Professionalism is key when presenting your resume. Employers want an employee who can represent their company in a professional manner. Organization is also important. Employers want someone who can be responsible. Organization is a great way to present responsibility. Looking up the definition of professionalism in the dictionary – The skill, good judgment, and polite behaviour that is expected from a person who is trained well to do a job well.

Having experience from a previous job or a previous volunteer opportunity expresses to the employer you have put in the effort and time to prepare yourself for your future adventures in a specific working environment. Placing action verbs on your resume states you have learned and experienced essential key elements to help you perform in the future at a new position. They want to be “work ready” employees who can take responsibility and use existing skills to make a difference in their business.

Stating on your resume previous volunteer work is very important when an employer is evaluating your resume. This shows dedication and interest in a future job. It also shows professionalism and responsibility. Giving back to the community is such a positive attribute towards yourself and also helping others. Volunteering helps boost socializing skills and also awareness of their communities. It also shows that someone is willing to work for something without receiving compensation. Employers love to see this on your resume.

Account manager resume form title page close-up. Blue tint. Shallow DOF.

One thing to always keep in mind about building your resume is to be truthful. It is easy to create a resume in high school to get a part time job, and have it say all the things you know people at Subway are looking for (responsible, punctual, hard working etc). The best thing to do is to find out what you want to do with your life, look at all the things about yourself that fit with that specific career and make those points stand out.

Building a solid foundation for your resume is equally important with professionalism and responsibility. You are showing them that you can personally brand yourself to a potential employer.


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